Know when to Forgive your Employee

Do you know when to forgive your employee ?

Here is an excellent tip for all supervisors and managers –

—>>> Know when to Forgive your Employee.

Below is an excerpt from the article written by Rosabeth Moss Kanter posted on the Harvard Business Review titled – Great Leaders Know When to Forgive

Leaders must be firm and foster accountability, but they also must know when to forgive past wrongs in the service of building a brighter future. One of the most courageous acts of leadership is to forgo the temptation to take revenge on those on the other side of an issue or those who opposed the leader’s rise to power.                                – Rosabeth Moss Kanter

I like this tip because I have seen many new and inexperienced supervisors hold a grudge against an employee whose performance has been sub-par. The supervisor provides the necessary guidance and correction, but somehow doesn’t have confidence that the employee’s performance will improve. That lack of confidence is evident, even when subtle.

Time passes and the relationship between supervisor and employee deteriorates.

The inexperienced supervisor blames the employee. The employee wonders why the supervisor doesn’t trust him. It never really works out.


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If you remember one thing when you manage employees, remember this:

 – – Most employees want to succeed.



It’s easier to forgive when you embrace that concept.

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