Acclaim for The Supervisor’s Companion


This is an invaluable resource for any new supervisor. It’s now required reading for new and recently promoted supervisors companywide.

…Sherri Bale, Ph.D, FACMG, Managing Director, GeneDx and Sr Vice President, BioReference Laboratories, Inc.


In the interest of fully disclosing possible conflicts of interest, I’d like to first state that my mother-in-law recommended this book that was written by her sister. Having said that, I really thought it was a worthwhile read.

I just finished reading The Supervisor’s Companion: A Practical Guide for New (and Lightly Trained) Supervisors by Jeanne Thomas Hugg, a gifted and well respected human resources consultant. What I liked most about the book is the beginning section on communication. She presents a model of supervisory communication that is not based on telling people what to do, but on listening and understanding what is interfering with employees being as effective as possible. Using this model, the job of the supervisor is to help “employees get the job done.” The book describes several tools for improving listening skills, but the ones I find most helpful are checking in frequently with your employees and extending a sense of warmth and concern about their lives, using open-ended questions to learn more about them as people, and to offer assistance in the form of the crucially important question, “How can I help you?”

Ms. Hugg also provides guidance on when and how to use email and text, how to give feedback, performance management, and meeting management. All in all, I think The Supervisor’s Companion is a valuable tool for new and experienced supervisors.

…Karen Habib, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Organizational Consultant – drkarenhabib.com


As a supervisor this book gave me a refreshing perspective on everyday themes like effective delegation and how to deal with micromanagement. It reinforced what I already know about successful communication, and also presented an array of practical and easy-to-implement ideas.

…Evangeline Voultsis, Core Lab Supervisor, GeneDx


Full of wonderful advice on how to improve communication and foster productive relationships between staff and supervisors. An engaging read…can’t recommend highly enough

…Marge Meyer, Executive Director Human Resources and Administration, Gen Vec, Inc.


As a veteran teacher, this is the book I want to share with our school administrators. The positive messages and practical guidelines in The Supervisor’s Companion would surely benefit teachers who struggle with packed days and a heavy administrative load. I am certain that implementation of the communication guidelines in this book would help all of us work more productively and efficiently.

…Bryn Weymouth, Teacher, Portsmouth, RI


Managers and supervisors can all benefit from reading The Supervisor’s Companion. The supervisory tools described are practical and easy to implement. More than that, it is an easy read and incredibly funny at times. My favorite chapters are on performance management and communication. It’s a “must-Companion”. Consider recommending to all your colleagues and friends.

…Lorraine Blackman, MBA, SPHR HR Professional


I’ve known Jeanne Hugg for many years now and felt very fortunate to have her guidance, mentoring and sage advice. However, when she told me she was writing a book, I wasn’t sure her engaging style would translate to the written page.

Well no worries here, Jeanne has shown what a knowledgeable, savvy, compassionate, and expert human resource professional she is – in person and in print! This book is terrific! It’s an easy, enjoyable read for people that are just getting started with supervision. However, as someone who is currently in a non-supervisory role, I would recommend this book to any employee looking to succeed in the workplace. It’s a great book for employees who want to be better employees or managers one day. It’s also a good book for more experienced managers who may have forgotten some of the key principles like listening and not to micromanage.

The layout is also well done and I love the little guy’s expressions throughout the book, which emphasize the points Jeanne is making. It has something for everyone, for whatever level people are looking for – if you want a quick summary or take away points, you can go to the summary portion, if you want to hear a story and take advantage of Jeanne’s years of experience, you can go the beginning of the chapter and are led very persuasively to understanding the principle(s) Jeanne is covering.

In sum, this is a great addition to a manager’s tool kit, a user-friendly reference book that should stay on most managers’ desks! I hope this book is the first in a series.

After reading the book, I was left wanting more…

…Dina Blumwest, Business Strategist, New Product Marketing Executive


Jeanne helped many senior managers become better supervisors in a company where I worked. I am glad she wrote The Supervisor’s Companion. Her insights and perspective will benefit anyone looking for practical tips for handling the many issues that come with managing and supervising people.

I love this book!

…Tina D’Souza, Employee Relations Specialist, Strayer University


The Supervisor’s Companion has been written for the new and lightly trained supervisor. It provides the foundation to effective management.