The Supervisors Companion – Book Signing

I had a book launch party last week. Frankly, I had never imagined that having a book launch anything would be part of my life experience, but when you write a book, you at least need to share it with friends and family. The full launch of a book is another story. We can leave that process for another day.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at this event. I hadn’t even thought to have a book launch party. Thankfully my family had. I was able to simply enjoy the fruits of their labor. As the day got closer, I asked what I might do – after all, it did seem like I should help out a bit. It turned out that I just had to dress up and make sure I had some books to bring along. Check – no problem.


I had a wonderful time launching The Supervisor’s Companion in the warm glow of friends and family. I also learned a few things about a book launch party.

First – I learned that you should have a warm, inviting environment and serve plenty of refreshments. You do want your guests to enjoy talking about your new book for quite awhile. They need to feel comfy and well fed.

Second – you should wear comfortable shoes. You are on your feet the whole time. Comfy shoes are a must.



Third – invite interesting people to your book launch party. It makes it a much better party.

Then, be sure to visit with everyone. You’ll have so much fun.




Bring your book. It’s really neat seeing your guests clutch your book to their chest and seem happy to have a copy.



I think it’s a good idea to send thank you notes afterwards. It’s fun remembering the story each guest shared with you while at the party and then letting them know you heard what they said.



I loved writing The Supervisor’s Companion. It’s a good book, and I was proud to share it with everyone. Thank you to my husband, Rick, and my lovely daughter, Rachel, for giving me a place to do that with so many wonderful people. I might have to write another book just so I can have another book launch party.



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