Working as a team
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Working as a team can be an easy and natural process, provided there is a clear vision of the goal that overrides the self-interest of each team member.

Take a look at this photo and you will have no doubt about what an effective, self-directed team can accomplish.


Japanese people tilt a train to save a woman who had fallen on the tracks.

If you plan to lead a team and you want success, here are some starter tips:

Step 1: Have a clear vision of the goal.

Step 2: Clearly communicate the vision to all of the team members.

Step 3: Listen and watch the team members to determine if everyone understands the goal.

Step 4: If all the team members do not understand the goal, you will not likely succeed as a team. Spend some time determining what information has not been clearly communicated and work toward ensuring that everyone shares your vision.

[message type=”success”]If you are successful at accomplishing steps 1-4, you will likely have a self-directed, integrated team even before the work has begun. The rest of the work, while not necessarily easy, is process.[/message]

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