Out Of Control Work Environment


The Supervisor’s Companion approaches this problem from the first day the employee walks into the supervisor’s department…

We started with the basics – how were new employees welcomed and trained? “By human resources,” Sam said. Once a new employee came to his unit, Sam figured they were ready to learn the IT systems at the company. Each new employee was given a week to train on the system and were then told to, “Feel free to ask questions whenever you want.” End of training.

We began by reviewing how each employee had joined the company, how much time Sam had spent with them, what he knew about them, how each one fit into the group and what their career goals were. He was astonished to find how little he knew. Sam didn’t know much more than the employees names and assignments. Both of us agreed that some changes needed to be made. Sam was an active participant as we developed the New Employee Plan for his unit.

See if the New Employee Plan might be helpful to you, as well.
– read more about this in The Supervisor’s Companion



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